Marketing - Design is a sports social network that came from the belief that sports belong to the fans, and a sports website should be about the fans and not about the opinions of "experts".   The real sports experts are the fans and at CrowdPicks you can prove it by showing the world just how much you know about your favorite teams.  Build your sports credibility by making game picks; the more accurate you are, the higher your CrowdScore will get and the more you will move up the leader board.  Make enough accurate predictions and you can earn trophies and bragging rights over your friends.

Barton Visions was invited into Crowdpicks in 2011 to assist in marketing efforts both in traditional means and online. Our first thought was to capitalize on the relationship of some common geographic locations. The founders of Crowdpicks are from the host city to the College World Series. Barton Visions and partnered with a local restaurant to create a fun campaign to introduce this large group of visitors to the product.

The campaign consisted of walking the crowds with 2 Motorola Xooms and introduce the product. The users which made the best picks of the 2011 series were eligible to win the Xooms. 

This campaign produced an increase of 16% in user base.