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In November of 2018, a last minute trip to the Bahamas turned into an wonderful and exciting excursion. I hadn't been to the Bahamas before and found a special on PADI Travel network, so I decided to give it a shot.

The plan was to simply dive and shoot some pictures. After arriving on the resort, the dive shop Reef Oasis Dive Club, offered a variety of dive options. One interesting Dive site was Shark Alley. According their website, Shark Alley is:

"The Western side of shark alley. Connects with hydro Lab to the East and Caves Sites to the south. A very interesting dive with many options for a tour. Named ‘pretenders wreck’ for the 45’ upside down tugboat hull holding down the mooring line. Plenty of Grey Caribbean Reef Sharks circling the area, along with Hugh Groupers, Schooling Jacks and Spade fish, often a stingray or two. And you never know what else! "

On my second visit to Shark Alley, I was greeted by a friendly Canadian Snorkeler who also is an accomplished writer.  After our dive Cristina Huré suggested a collaboration for her assignment with Travelife Magazine.  And in July of 2019,  Voilà. Cover shot and center spread of the shark images. 

The story and shots can be found below...