SCUBA is a serene and inspirational sport. It is also the source of our creativity and commitment to excellence at Barton Visions.

SCUBA Lessons

Patrick Barton, the founder of Barton Visions, is a licensed PADI and SSI Instructor who loves to introduce others to the sport that fuels his creativity. Find out more about our SCUBA training program on our SCUBA Lessons page.

Dive Log

Our dive log catalogs the exotic SCUBA trips we’ve taken to remote locations around the globe including the Solomon Islands, Fiji and various sites in the Mediterranean. If you’re considering learning how to SCUBA dive, or joining us on our next trip, read through the Dive Log and get a feel for the inspiration SCUBA provides.

Upcoming Trips

Be sure to look at my upcoming trips and inquiry about joining us for any of the dive trips with Barton Visions.